Mark Jane Antoine Rup
jeudi 24 novembre 2022 à 15:00
IST, Allée de l'Herbaudière, Colomiers, France

Two audience members are randomly picked, they choose a genre for an adventure they would like to live, and they are off ! They become the unexpected heroes of a thrilling story.

Mark narrates, directs and plays all the other characters whilst the lucky couple are transformed into the heroes of their own fabulous adventure.

It’s obviously improvised, it’s obviously a unique performance and it’s obviously an unforgettable moment for everybody. The Oscars for the best actor and actress are not far off…

Focus on guests

Mark Jane

Mark Jane is an actor, director and teacher who has been specialized in improvised theatre since 1994. In 1996 he moved to Paris where he pursued his professional acting career. He has trained with improvisation masters such as Keith Johnstone, Mick Napier and Patti Stiles.
Over the years he has experimented a wide range of improvisation styles as both actor and director. He shares his knowledge through his teaching where his experience of English and French improvisation concepts mixed with his energetic passion for improvisation create a unique and enriching workshop experience.
In 2012, Mark supervised the French translation of « Impro – Improvisation and theatre » by Keith Jonhstone.
Mark is the Artistic Director of the Parisian troupe the Improfessionals, with whom he plays regular shows in English and in French.

Antoine Rup

Antoine est un pianiste aux multiples facettes qui vit la musique de bien des façons : piano bar, improvisations en solo et accompagnement de théâtre d’improvisation, compositions, musique électronique, habillage sonore et collaborations diverses…

N’appréciant pas particulièrement le terme d’enseignant et lui préférant celui de «révélateur», il aime accompagner sur le chemin de la découverte de l’improvisation avec des ateliers individuels hebdomadaires, bi-mensuels ou des stages.

Ses inspirations vont du swing aux musiques actuelles en passant par le blues, les musiques latines, les musiques d’ambiance et autres réjouissances.

IST, Allée de l'Herbaudière, Colomiers, France