Shawn Kinley Mark Jane Omar Galvan Fanny Sentenac Michelle Cajolet-Couture
lundi 25 novembre 2019 à 21:00
Brique Rouge, Place d'Empalot, Toulouse, France


You are uniquely different from every other person on the planet, except when you OVERLAP! This improvised show will base scenes on those magical connections we randomly share with each other. You might discover someone who grew up on the same street as you or who has that same secret urge to reveal their crush to a co-worker or someone who also stole chocolate from the corner store and had to go back and apologize. Our differences make us unique but where we overlap connects us in deep ways. Come to the show alone and leave with a hundred friends.

Nous sommes tous uniques sur cette planète, étonnamment différent sauf quand nos expériences se recoupent ! Ce spectacle se basera sur les connexions que nous partageons par le hasard. Peut-être découvrirez-vous une personne qui a grandi dans la même rue que vous, ou quelqu’un qui partage le même secret d’être amoureux.se de son.sa collègue, ou quelqu’un qui a aussi volé du chocolat dans un magasin et qui a dû revenir pour s’excuser. Nos différences nous rendent uniques mais elles nous lient fortement quand tout se recoupe. Venez à ce spectacle seul et repartez avec des centaines d’amis.


Durée : 1h

12/10/7€  en prévente* (16/14/10€ sur place)
*+frais de réservation

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Focus on Shawn Kinley

Over the past three decades Shawn has been asked to teach in 52 countries. Memorable visits include Universities in Oxford and Cambridge, a roofless rehearsal building in Peru, the National Theatre of Iceland, Norway’s National Opera, a Favela in Brazil, palaces in Germany, circuses in Poland and Colombia.
Shawn’s home base is Canada which he is rarely in. He works with people in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australasia and Africa 9 months of the year.
Broadly speaking, Shawn teaches workshops and performs. He is passionate about the education process, how we think and engage each other on and off stage.
More specifically he engages performers, businesses people, health care professionals, education experts, scientists, toy-makers, dancers, psychologists and even the military in various forms of improvisation and movement to make their world a little better.


Focus on Mark Jane

Mark Jane is an actor, director and teacher who has specialized in improvised theatre since 1994. Originally from England, in 1996 he moved to Paris where he pursued his acting career. He has worked with the masters of improvisation like Keith Johsntone, Mick Napier and Patti Stiles. In 2001 he was a founding member of the Improfessionals. With the Improfessionals Mark explored a wide range of improvisation styles and techniques: cabaret, long form, Gorilla, Maestro, improvised musicals, Trance Mask, Theatresports, Catch impro, Match d’impro…
In 2012 Mark supervised the French translation of Keith Johnstone’s book “Impro – Improvisation and theatre”. He is today one of the experts in France on Keith Johnstone’s work. His experience of various forms of improvisation in English and in French, plus his communicative passion for improvisation, make his workshop experiences rich and unique. In 2018 he published his book “Jeux et Enjeux: La boîte à outils de l’improvisation théâtrale”.


Focus sur Omar Galvan

Omar Argentino Galvan is one of the main references of the Spanish Improv scene.
He’s an Improviser, teacher and creates formats. Author of the Impro Handbook “From the jump to the fly. Impro Handbook ” (“Del salto al vuelo”).
His work is characterized by a particular poetic in scene, a blend of magical realism and theatrical narrative which are resources not often used in Improv theater.
With his nonstop “Improtour” he has been touring the world since 2000 and has gone through more than twenty-five countries on four continents, and constantly returns to some of them (Italy, Latino America, Portugal).
Omar is an Argentinian residing in Madrid. He has two one-man Impro shows and participates in different ensembles with the most prominent international theatre companies.
In October 2017 he will do a round the world trip, completing his Improtour across five continents.


Focus sur Michelle Cajolet-Couture

Based in Marseille (France), MICHELLE is a Quebec (Canada) actress, clown, director and writer. An untamed artist trained through theatre, clown, mime, tumbling (floor gymnastics) and contemporary dance. First in Montreal (École de clown et comédie Francine Côté, École de mime Omnibus), then in Paris (a brief detour to L’école internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq which, due to a violent smell of dusty dogma, leads MICHELLE to kick herself out and go back outdoors to play immediately). It was finally in Australia that she met the significant clown and director Ira Seidenstein (Slava’s Snowshow, Cirque du Soleil) who became her mentor.

Since her arrival in France in 2014, MICHELLE has been an actress and clown on the double creation for young audiences ENVOL / D’UN BATTEMENT D’AILES (directed by Philippe Boronad, Text Catherine Verlaguet). In Paris, she directs 4 seasons of laboratory shows with the collective of clowns and actors REQUIEM. She maintains a passionate relationship despite the distance from Montreal, notably by co-leading with Matt Enos the multidisciplinary and bilingual street show Shakespeare In The Ruelles in 2018. And then she punctuates her many theatrical adventures by transmitting Ira Seidenstein’s work methodology in France and Canada. Having just migrated to Marseille, she
met her new host city while simultaneously leading her 2 solo projects: LA FORCE DE LA GRAVITÉ (play performed in apartments) & Les îles de BAD CLOWN (clown show in creation).

Basée en France depuis 2014, Michelle est une comédienne, clown, metteuse en scène, auteure et improvisatrice d’origine québécoise. Artiste aux multiples savoir-faire, elle se forme à travers le théâtre, le clown, le mime, le tumbling (gymnastique au sol) et la danse contemporaine. Dans un premier temps à Montréal (École de clown et comédie Francine Côté, École de mime Omnibus), puis à Paris. C’est finalement en Australie qu’elle fait la rencontre significative du clown et metteur en scène Ira Seidenstein (Slava’s Snowshow, Cirque du Soleil), qui devient son mentor.

Depuis son arrivée en France, Michelle est comédienne-clown sur la double création jeune public « ENVOL / D’UN BATTEMENT D’AILES » (mise en scène Philippe Boronad, Texte Catherine Verlaguet). Elle codirige quatre saisons du spectacle laboratoire hebdomadaire du collectif de clowns et comédiens REQUIEM. Et puis elle ponctue sa pratique en enseignant la méthode de jeu et créativité d’Ira Seidenstein au Canada et en France. Ayant tout juste migré à Marseille, elle apprivoise sa nouvelle ville d’accueil tout en menant de front ses 2 projets solos : LA FORCE DE LA GRAVITÉ (théâtre, spectacle en appartements) & Les îles de BAD CLOWN (clown, spectacle en création).

Brique Rouge, Place d'Empalot, Toulouse, France